Rallion are a three piece contemporary folk group, hailing from Glasgow and Perthshire. They bring a wide range of musical influences together to create their powerful persuasive music.

Their unique sound is based around the fiddle powerhouse of Fiona Cuthill, the distinctive voice of Marieke McBean and the virtuoso playing of Steve Lawrence.

Rallion ©2011 Dave Hunt

In 2006 they released their first album “For No-one and Everyone” to very favourable reviews. Their second album “One for Sorrow” was released in 2009.

Marieke McBean (née Smegen) was born in The Netherlands, but moved to Scotland in 2001 due to her love of traditional Scottish music. Marieke is one of the vocalists on “The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill – Volume 2”. Marieke was classically trained in singing from the age of eleven upwards, but now prefers the more traditional style.

Stevie Lawrence has been a mainstay with Iron Horse for 3 years, releasing 3 albums and touring extensively. Since leaving the band, he has toured and recorded with Anna Murray, Tannas, Canterach, Chris Armstrong and Mick West, and worked on many recording sessions as musician and producer.

Fiona Cuthill was born and bred in Glasgow and has lived there all her life. She was classically trained in violin by Bill Baxter, who played in the renowned Halley Orchestra. After leaving school, she studied more traditional styles of playing and spent the next 10 years playing in ceilidh bands and sessions all over the country.

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